Create & Reveal

Design virtual environments where agents interact. Build algorithms and programs to control those agents and situations where they can run.

Expose the behavior of your algorithms and explore it with visual representations.

What is Walnut today?
Not just a gallery with pre-made examples, but a way of defining new algorithms and problems and sharing them with others.

Not just a way to see your code running, but a way of creating your own alternative visual representation of algorithms to understand every aspect of them.
Follow all the Walnut rules and get the full package of features from It is included in it all the Instagram activity.

We envision...

Crack the nut. Change the relationship between people and algorithms by discovering what's inside your code.
Use Cases
In Your Life
Telling someone 'how it works' is not always enough to get your ideas across. Being able to reveal what's inside the black box of your code and exploring it is a must. It has never been easier to transform programs into something so tangible Cmon, let's play with Walnut.
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In Your Classroom
Are you teaching/learning? Wouldn't your experience be better if you could do some forensics on the algorithms? Just log into Walnut and if you are a professor ask for classroom features. If you are a student, ask your professor to make the small effort of using Walnut!
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Research & work purposes
First technology connected project. Successful case, which is used in the sales niche of Soundcloud followers.
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